“Hope is a fragile thing."

Those are the words of Scott Miller, a Community Health Nurse in Attawapiskat First Nation. For a number of years he has been in relationship with children and their parents in this community. In conversations with MCC Ontario, he speaks openly about the anxiousness felt among youth in the community of Attawapiskat First Nation. In his words, these young people feel forgotten and alone.

We have heard the desire from the Mennonite community (and beyond) to do something practical to show support for those in Attawapiskat. We encourage you to take up the call by Scott Miller and the Youth Council of Attawapiskat :

The Youth Council has asked that we begin to weave authentic relationship with one another; Mennonites and Attawapiskat First Nation. What a powerful way to help strengthen hope!

I will soon be returning to Attawapiskat First Nation to continue to listen to community. Listening is a powerful and often forgotten first step in addressing these issues toward reconciliation. Mennonite Central Committee will continue to be actively engaged with partners in Attawapiskat, and will provide updates as they become available. 

For now, we ask for your on-going prayers for the People of Attawapiskat and that we answer the request forwarded to us by the Youth Council. Yes, hope is a fragile thing. Let us work together to strengthen it. 

Lyndsay Mollins Koene
Indigenous Neighbours Coordinator
MCC Ontario

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