MCC Photo/Julia Buckingham

Wheat grown through conservation agriculture techniques in Ethiopia. 

The warmer months in Alberta brings forth excitement and joy for the launch of another Alberta Grow Hope campaign to fight world hunger. In partnership with CFGB (Canadian Foodgrains Bank) Grow Hope is an MCC initiative that is focused on raising funds to help fight world hunger. 100% of proceeds from Grow Hope support food security projects worldwide.

Grow Hope 2019 officially launched last month with two community launch events held in Edmonton and Calgary! This year there are 400 acres available to be sponsored!

Alberta Grow Hope farmers were invited to speak along with MCC Conservation Agriculture expert Pugeni Vurayayi. 

Pictured: Pugeni Vurayayi & CFGB Rep. Jay Chowdhury

Blaine Gatez is one of several new farmers donating acres for Alberta Grow Hope for the first time. He shared that he is exceptionally eager and joyful to be supporting the cause with his family and has started a friendly competition with Northern Alberta to see who can sell the most acres to help fight world hunger. 

Farmers Esther and Richard Goerzen were also recognized and thanked for their support in donating acres and participating in Grow Hope for two consecutive years.

Each farmer who participates in Grow Hope plays an integral role in the success of the campaign. Farmers work tirelessly to seed, fertilize, and care for each donor's acre to ensure that the crops reach the maximum value potential at the time of sale. They do this all while managing the challenges that come with farming in Alberta. MCC Alberta is so thankful to have had the dedicated and generous support of farmers Esther and Richard Goerzen these past two years!

We were also pleased to have Ten Thousand Villages (TTV) join us with a mini pop-up of some TTV goods!

At each launch, guests had the opportunity to choose an acre(s) and become one of the first farmers for the 2019 Grow Hope season!

Since the launch in April, 85 acres have been sold and YOUR help is needed to ensure all 400 acres are claimed!

Each acre can be purchased for only $300. At harvest, each acre is worth up to $500, and this value is then matched up to FOUR times by the Canadian Government! This means that every acre you sponsor can raise up to a total of $2500 to help fight world hunger and give hope to people living in poverty!

By purchasing an acre(s), you instantly become a farmer! As a farmer, you continue to be involved each step of the way during the growing season via multiple updates, and enjoy an exclusive opportunity to visit your acre(s) during a field tour held in the summer! 

To learn more about sponsoring an acre, visit or contact: Angela Bennett at