Photo courtesy of David Zentner

By David Zentner

The Zentner family, David, Alvin, and Lydia, together with Moses Hankombo (second from right)


Alvin and Lydia Zentner are hosting Moses Hankombo from Zambia this year. Their son David was welcomed warmly in Zambia when he served with the SALT program last year. Now they reciprocate by offering hospitality to Moses. Lydia writes:

We brought Moses into our home just about two weeks ago. It has been a pleasure to learn about him and from him. Our son David just spent a year in Zambia, very close to where Moses lived. He had already shared some of the Zambian culture and lifestyle with us. We knew that David’s experience was greatly influenced by the home he was in and that he felt loved by his host family. This made us feel like we should pass the favour on to Moses in return. David’s stories prepared us in a way. He and Moses occasionally chat a few phrases in one of the many native languages of Zambia!

Moses really enjoyed the orientation, though he could not participate with the full group in August. He came back more prepared for what is happening around him. He has quickly adapted to riding the bus and the train, eating our food, tolerating our weather and asking questions about why we do what we do. He has oft declined offers to go out with our grown kids, as he likes to sit and just relax after a meal. The rush of our society is being thrust on him, but he is pushing back a bit! We think that’s fair.

By Lydia Zentner, Calgary, Alberta