Notebooks and pencils are treasures for families who struggle to afford basic school supplies. School kits often are requested after disasters and help bring normalcy to children whose families have been forced to flee their homes.

When putting together a school kit please don't forget to carefully following these instructions about what to include: 

(NEW items only)

-4 spiral or perforated notebooks (about 21.5 cm x 27 cm ; 140 pages)
-8 unsharpened pencils
-1 ruler(flat, flexible plastic; indicating both 30 cm and 12 in)
-12 coloured pencils (in packaging)
-1 large pencil eraser

School kits are distributed in a useful double drawstring cloth bag. You may:

-Sew the bag yourself
-Request bags from an MCC material resources centre or
-Donate contents that we will place in a bag.

***Please do NOT include a sharpener

Find out more about how to make school kits.