Photo/Frank Flaman

Investing in making a difference is Frank Flaman's greatest joy. MCC recently presented Flaman with a commemorative plaque to express heartfelt appreciation for his 20 years of dedicated support for MCC's work in relief, development, and peacebuilding.

I enjoy making money, but I enjoy more, giving it away

Despite being a champion entrepreneur, whose name has become highly notable in both the Western Canadian agriculture and fitness industries, Frank Flaman has remained grounded in his belief that it is better to give than to receive, and he is passionate about making a difference in the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged people, both locally and worldwide. Flaman believes that anyone can make a difference and that there is no limit to where or how one can make an impact in a person’s life.

Flaman supports many not-for-profits; his commitment to supporting MCC’s work began in 1998. At that time, Flaman was invited to support MCC Alberta’s local M2 Program by Tofield farmer Oscar Epp. Upon learning about MCC’s local work, Flaman began supporting MCC Alberta as a donor. Later in 2005, Flaman attended the Tofield MCC Golf Tournament, where he learned about a new rebuilding and disaster response project MCC was undertaking in Guatemala after it was devastated by Hurricane Stan. Flaman was moved to volunteer himself and his employees to help assist MCC’s work in Guatemala. For the next five to six years, Flaman would contribute financially, and his employees would volunteer each year with MCC in Guatemala and El Salvador. Volunteers would provide hands-on support with various MCC partners and would learn how to work and build relationships with the local people.

In one of the earlier trips to Guatemala, Flaman was inspired to support a local fish farm and floral exporting cooperative in the small community of La Vega, Guatemala, just south of the Mexican Border, which required funding at the time. With the added support, these projects continued to expand and further enhanced employment opportunities for locals who, before that, had been forced to leave their families for long periods of time to go work in coffee plantations in Mexico. It also allowed families to send their children to school and improve the overall living standards for people in the community. To this day, Flaman continues to invest in making a difference through MCC.

Fish Farms in La Vega Guatemala

This past month Flaman was presented with a plaque to express and commemorate our appreciation for the generous financial and volunteer support he has given to MCC for over 20 years. His response, “I enjoy making money, but I enjoy more, giving it away”.

Flaman’s support of MCC has stretched beyond sums of monetary gifts and has proved that his desire to make a difference is a trait that is engraved deep within his character and his principles. We are grateful for the continuing support Flaman has extended to MCC for the past 20 years. Our supporters are truly what propels us to be able to continue helping people around the world who are facing devastation, crisis, famine, and suffering.  On behalf of many, around the world, thank you, Frank Flaman!!

Frank Flaman