Photo courtesy of Kathryn Deckert

IVEPers at the 2017-2018 Akron orientation

As we start the 67th year of IVEP it is like the start of a new school year. Bags are packed, new items purchased, new coworkers and hosts are met with a hint of nervousness, and eager anticipation for this new venture is felt on both sides of the exchange. There are so many things to learn, like why are people so in love with all things pumpkin? Where are the best places to experience a fall festival? How is this new person going to fit into my family and home life in Calgary? And what exactly does it mean to design a role specifically for a new international person at my work place? All these are explored in this IVEP newsletter as we hear about connections from Colombia to South Africa, Alberta to Indiana. Join me in the journey of discovery, growth and friendship as we warmly welcome the 53 2017-2018 IVEP participants to their assignments across Canada and the U.S.

By Andrea Geiser, IVEP National Coordinator, U.S.