MCC photo by Matthew Sawatzky

Tobani Moyo, 4, and Isaac Nkomo, 4, play at Isaiah’s Baby Home, an MCC partner, in Bulawayo Zimbabwe that cares for orphaned and abandoned children. 

Edmore Sesdza says the children at Isaiah’s Baby Home in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, have taught him the value of being humble, loving and patient. The home, a local MCC partner, cares for abandoned or orphaned babies and children who are referred to them by government social services. They have space for approximately 20 children, most are under five years old.

Edmore Sesedza is volunteer at Isaiah’s Baby Home in Bulawayo Zimbabwe​.MCC photo by Matthew Sawatzky

Sesdza is one of the volunteers who helps the home provide 24-hour care, and along with spending time with children, he cooks and cleans.

“I am an orphan myself,” he says. “I have a dream to serve God and this is my calling and my blessing.”

MCC funds nutritional and medical costs for babies and helps cover the cost of staff at the home.

Maria Maliki is a matron, and pediatric nurse who provides health care for children living at Isaiah’s Baby Home.MCC photo by Matthew Sawatzky

Patricia Sibanda, a volunteer at Isaiah’s Baby Home, bathes three-month-old Victor Ncube.MCC photo by Matthew Sawatzky​

Lunch time for Portia Nkomo. Because of the care at the baby's home all of the children had positive weight gain in 2014.MCC photo by Matthew Sawatzky