Photo courtesy of Basel Yazouri

In Gaza City, Palestinians walk by the home of Abu Leila, which was hit by Israeli missiles on July 10. The family received warning of the attack and evacuated safely, as did all others in the largely ruined neighbourhood.


As we lament the horrific losses of life in recent weeks in Gaza, MCC continues to work for a lasting peace in the region, as we have for over 65 years. We are also sending significant emergency relief to our neighbours in Gaza. 

Mennonite Central Committee, along with the leaders of the national bodies of the Mennonite Brethren, Brethren-in-Christ, Mennonite and Evangelical Mennonite Churches have sent a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper inviting him to join with other world leaders and concerned citizens in expressing concerns for the deaths of Israelis and Palestinians and to actively support efforts to secure a lasting and meaningful ceasefire.

Read the letter here.

Please join Mennonite Central Committee in fervent prayer for lasting peace in the land of the One we follow.

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