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11 Days of Peace

Love your enemy? Feed her? Don't pay back evil with evil?

This is the stuff of dream and fantasy.

Our real world calls for tough and hard-nosed decisions.  Or does it?

Tough gets us a protracted war in Afghanistan with a not-so-noble retreat from a still un-peaceful region. [Not to mention soldier suicides by the dozens]

Hard-nosed gets us a bombing campaign where now ISIS and Assad and Russians and Americans are so confused as to be truly uncertain who is friend and who is foe.

On the other hand, recent commitments have emerged from all parties to do the heretofore unthinkable: talk! Negotiate with the “other”.

This is a long way from love. But it is also moving refreshingly far from both suicide bombings and heavy artillery.

Ridiculed as unrealistic in favour of the “necessity” of military intervention, the talk and negotiate approach usually ends up as the only way to lasting peace. Why do we wait so long to try it?

This Remembrance Day, let us pray a prayer of love for the many fallen and wounded in war, those uniformed and those not.

And then let us commit to a second prayer: “Make us instruments of your peace.”