MCC photo/Emily-Ann Doerksen

Ron Loeppky, co-organizer of the MCC Golf Sale, has been an avid golfer since his youth and has a passion for spreading the love of golf.

Summer is here, and golf season is in full swing.

The annual MCC Golf Sale organized by volunteers Ron and Connie Loeppky was held on Saturday, June 20. The Loeppky’s have been hosting the sale in their front yard for the past five years.

“We would get all sorts of (golf) stuff coming in and the Sargent MCC Thrift Shop is not an area where people would golf,” said Connie Loeppky, who volunteers regularly at the Sargent Thrift Shop. “Instead of putting all of this stuff into the landfill, we thought maybe we could reuse it.”

Every summer, the couple collects unsold items from the MCC Thrift shops on Sargent Avenue and Selkirk Avenue for their specialized sale. Local churches are contacted to see if attendees have any old golf clubs or golf tees they would like to donate.

All unsold items from the golf sale are bought at a reduced price for Frontier School Division's sports program.MCC photo/Emily-Ann Doerksen

By late Saturday afternoon the yard sale had sold 12 out of 20 of their featured golf sets to the public. The price of the golf sets ranges from $20-$175 depending on the quality of the clubs and if it is a complete set.

The remaining golf sets, clubs, shoes, and tees at the sale are bought by the Frontier School Division at a reduced rate for the division’s sports program. “None of it goes to waste,” said Connie Loeppky.

The yard sale was busy all weekend as golfing has become an increasingly popular activity. “It’s a natural social distancing sport,” said Ron Loeppky. The sale made a total of $1760. All proceeds will be donated to MCC’s work in relief, development and peace around the world.

A set of antique golf clubs made from hickory with leather grips were sold for $75.MCC Photo/Emily-Ann Doerksen

There are many treasures to be found at the sale, including three antique golf clubs made of hickory and leather. Ron Loeppky, who has been an avid golfer since childhood, was exceptionally interested in the set. “One of the reasons why I’m so interested is because 60ish years ago when I started golfing you could still buy these in thrift stores. My first clubs were like these. It was quite something,” he said.

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