MCC Photo/ Rose Klassen

The group at the Calgary Airport, ready to head off to Nairobi!

In February, participants from Alberta and Saskatchewan travelled to Kenya on an MCC Work and Learn Tour. The group of 13 adults and three youth spent two weeks learning about MCC’s work in Kenya. It was a great experience for all, and included the opportunity to meet several of MCC Kenya’s local partners.

The group met with Utooni Development Corporation (UDO), one of MCC Kenya’s partners who works with conservation agriculture in the rural area of Makueni County. UDO focuses on three main areas when working to improve the quality of the crops - minimum tillage to reduce the disturbance to the soil and to help retain soil moisture, cover crop/mulching to help retain soil moisture, as well as crop rotation.

Ruth, who farms using all the principals of conservation agriculture, has seen great success with the project. Ruth has also created her own drip irrigation to water her tomato plants. Her greatest plan is to continue in conservation agriculture and to be able to produce enough food to feed her family, with extra to be sold for profit. She sees this as the best solution for the food security issues her family faces.

The learning tour group also visited Mukuru Mennonite Academy which is run by Embakasi Mennonite Church in Nairobi. This is a Grade 1-8 school, but also includes a pre-school class. Hygiene is very important as this area has little to no access to clean water.

Through the school’s WASH (Water and Sanitation Hygiene) program, the children learn how to purify water using UVA rays. As well, many hand washing stations are available for the children to use.

You can read more about the trip on the blog.