WINNIPEG, Man.—In February 2021, MCC Canada engaged an independent third party to investigate an allegation of sexual harassment against Frank H. Epp. MCC Canada cooperated on the investigation with Mennonite Church Eastern Canada, under whom Mr. Epp was ordained. At the time of the events subject to investigation, Mr. Epp was serving as chair of MCC’s Peace Section and was a member of the MCC Canada board and executive committee. Mr. Epp died in 1986.

Based on the findings of the investigation—conducted under current MCC policy—it has been determined that the complaint of sexual harassment was founded. MCC grieves the pain and loss experienced by the victim survivor through the harmful actions of a trusted leader. We affirm the victim survivor’s courage and resilience for stepping forward.

During the course of the investigation, MCC became aware of an original disclosure from the victim survivor from the 1990s. We acknowledge that our policies and response at the time did not meet our current standards. We deeply regret the decades of pain and further harm this caused the victim survivor and their family.

In subsequent years, MCC has worked to update our policies and to learn from each disclosure and investigation. MCC is committed to hearing the voices of survivors of harassment, abuse, violence and trauma.

As an organization, we endeavour to have proper policies, procedures and training in place to prevent and respond effectively to all such experiences of and by MCC personnel (which includes staff, volunteers, board members, interns, consultants and visitors formally under the auspices of MCC), partner personnel and program participants. We also recognize the tension that exists between Mr. Epp’s contribution to MCC and the tragic findings of this investigation.

We invite anyone who wishes to report an experience of sexual harassment, abuse, violence or trauma by MCC personnel, including Mr. Epp during the times he served with MCC, to contact MCC at

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