Even as more and more Canadians receive access to COVID-19 vaccines, billions of our global neighbours will still be waiting for years. Many of the areas where MCC’s partners work will not get enough doses to vaccinate more than 20 per cent of their population until 2022. Until vaccines can be delivered, our partners are doing everything they can to respond to the major health and economic crises caused by the pandemic.

One of MCC’s partners operates medical clinics in Bujumbura, the largest city in Burundi. The Cibitoke Life Clinic is a lifeline for people who need primary care as well as COVID-19 prevention services or testing and nutritional support. Cibitoke staff say poverty is a major factor in accessing health care, and shutdowns in Burundi have left thousands without jobs.

One of those thousands is Bora Bukuru. Bora is 46 and gets her medical care at Cibitoke. Because of the pandemic, she’s lost most of her income. She’s homeless. She can’t afford the medications she needs.

Bora Bukuru, 46, a patient at Cibitoke Life Clinic in Bujumbura, Burundi, discusses the challenges she faces during the COVID-19 pandemic.MCC photo/Craig Bielema

“I am afraid of the impact of COVID,” says Bora. “Without money, I can beg people to give me a little food, but who can I ask to pay for my rent? I often cannot afford the medicines that are prescribed to me. I have to beg from many people to get enough money.”

These devastating health and economic impacts won’t go away by themselves. It’s only when this pandemic has been dealt with in every country, for all people, that Bora, and millions like her, can begin to repair their lives.

You can make a difference in Bora’s life, and the lives of people living all over the world. MCC invites you to advocate for a just vaccine distribution to help end the pandemic for everyone. Join us in sending a message to the prime minister, the minister of international development and your member of Parliament encouraging Canada to act as a global leader in distributing vaccines around the world to ensure the most vulnerable are not left to suffer. Everyone deserves equal access to a COVID-19 vaccine. Find more info at: mcccanada.ca/vaccine-justice

Raise your voice today and tell our leaders what matters to you. With your help, millions of people will receive the COVID-19 support they need.