In early September, an MCC partner, Bread of Life Belgrade (BOLB), distributed about 60 hygiene kits to refugees passing through Belgrade, Serbia, on their way to other countries. The kits contain essential items such as a toothbrush, towel and bath soap. 

Desanka Varga, one of the directors at BOLB (centre of photo, with glasses) helped with the distribution. Ratko Ljubisic, the project assistant with BOLB, says “The refugees really appreciated that type of aid because they are travelling mostly on foot and they want to keep the weight light. They even took the boxes and saved them for later, because they will be good protection from rain or insulation on the ground overnight.”

The distribution was done at a big park at the main bus station in Belgrade, where many refugees were waiting for a bus or train to take them further north towards Hungary. “They just keep flowing through Belgrade,” says Ljubisic, “and every two or three days there are all new refugees there.”

Photos courtesy of Wayne O’Leary.

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