Plastic bucket filled with three towels, shampoo and soap.
MCC photo/Paula Holtzinger

Pictured above is a relief kit filled with towels, shampoo, soap and other essential items.

In January, MCC Manitoba announced the closure of the Plum Coulee warehouse due in part to the relocation of MCC Canada’s central material resources warehouse operations from Plum Coulee, Man., to New Hamburg, Ont. At that time, MCC Manitoba decided not to renew the lease agreement and announced it would close the warehouse. As part of the announcement, MCC Manitoba committed to engaging in conversations on how best for MCC to continue to be present in the region.

Today, MCC Manitoba is pleased to announce its decision to keep the Plum Coulee warehouse open.

After hearing from community members who were eager to see material resources activities continue to have a centralized physical space in the region, MCC Manitoba worked with the warehouse owners on a new lease agreement that makes it possible to stay open in a smaller portion of the space.

Once pandemic restrictions have lifted, volunteers will be able to gather in groups to help pack material resources items and sew comforters at the warehouse. After these items are packed, they will be shipped to MCC Canada’s central material resources warehouse in New Hamburg and then distributed overseas.

Gord Letkeman will continue to serve in the role of Activities Coordinator. 

“I am so grateful that Gord has agreed to stay on in the capacity of activities coordinator and lead volunteer engagement with MCC’s material resources activities in southern Manitoba,” says Darryl Loewen, executive director of MCC Manitoba. “Gord has been essential to the scope, depth and understanding of connections in the region, and I know his presence will be valued.”

Current public health orders mean volunteer activities are limited for the time being. Donations of essential items for material resources kits and comforters are accepted through pre-arranged appointments for safe drop-off by calling 204-829-3005. 

MCC Canada and MCC Manitoba jointly operated the distribution of relief supplies out of the warehouse in Plum Coulee since 2004. Starting April 1, MCC Canada’s central warehouse operations shifted to the material resources centre in New Hamburg. This relocation is unaffected by MCC Manitoba’s decision.

To find out more about material resources, visit this webpage.