Grow Hope: A project close to home August 15, 2018
Kyle Friesen
Altona farmers donate 40 acres to Grow Hope campaign July 3, 2018
Learning tour inspires generosity April 30, 2018
Grow Hope campaign raises over $1 million for MCC October 6, 2017
Grow Hope Hutterite
Hutterites help grow hope July 25, 2017
Roxanne Klassen puts a few coins in Eliana Rempel’s bucket as Zachary Penner looks over her shoulder.
Steinbach children help grow hope March 30, 2017
Grow Hope-Farmers March 10, 2017
Grow Hope with Matt Epp February 28, 2017
The Thiessen family of Lorette, MB
Sponsoring acres for Syria July 25, 2016
Grow Hope harvest celebration - sponsors with Cindy Klassen in the field
Cindy visits the farm - Grow Hope harvest celebration April 29, 2016
MCC disaster response coordinator Vurayayi Pugeni with Cindy Klassen at the Grow Hope farm
Manitobans look to Grow Hope in 300 acres of wheat April 1, 2016
Cindy Klassen and Grow Hope farmers
Manitoba Grow Hope project has successful first year August 26, 2015
Grant Dyck and MCC volunteer Ed Barkman
Sharing the land June 30, 2015