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Niska in Niagara May 1, 2015
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World water day 2014
It Is Well with My Soul: World Water Day 2014 March 22, 2014
MCC is supplying building materials, including plywood and tin sheets similar to those being loaded onto this bicycle-powered rickshaw, to almost 3,000 Filipino families whose homes were destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan. In addition, MCC is paying local people to build the houses in the towns of Naval and Dulag.
Rebuilding in the Philippines January 27, 2014
Haitian workers build a new reservoir to hold water from one of the three mountain springs that provides water to the town of Desarmes. Water from the reservoir will flow into pipes that will deliver reliable, drinkable water to households and public kiosks in the area.
Clean water strengthens Haiti town January 10, 2014
New study guide explores “white privilege” and racism February 28, 2013
Toddlers, Ester Keji and Emmanuel Kenyi watch while their mothers Jerisa Muro and Hellen Poni talk with tailoring instructor Mustafa Atrima.
Learning new skills for a better future in South Sudan December 14, 2012
In the Tha Thom District of Laos, Mrs. Van, who goes by one name, teaches students how to make baskets as part of an MCC-supported effort to pass on traditional skills.
MCC helps teaching of traditional skills in Laos October 6, 2011