White tractor trailer truck with modified trailer attached with MCC logo on it.
Together, we can! February 3, 2023
MCC volunteers preserve meat for Ukrainians and others in crisis October 19, 2022
Canning meat for the world August 30, 2021
Stack of relief buckets
Keeping calm and shipping on through COVID-19 February 9, 2021
A group of volunteers display a blanket they made during a Great Winter Warm-up event in Plum Coulee. Together the group finished 150 comforters which will be delivered to families who have been displaced by conflict or disaster.
MCC Canada relocates warehouse for relief shipping supplies January 7, 2021
Webinar: From hearts to hands May 20, 2020
Fleeing war, finding hope January 1, 2020
MCC celebrates 100 years of ministry in 2020 December 23, 2019
Thank you! December 23, 2019
See what a day of canning meat is like! November 19, 2018
From malnutrition to strength in Burkina Faso December 22, 2017
Canned meat helps people in Ukraine and beyond October 6, 2017
soy milk kids
How it works: Making soy milk in solidarity October 2, 2017
A South Sudanese refugee holding a baby carrying and relief supplies on her head
Food for people in South Sudan – Supplies reach famine zone May 18, 2017
Valentina Matvyeeva receiving MCC canned meat
In the midst of crisis in Ukraine March 28, 2017