DPRK canned meat
MCC canned meat helps TB and hepatitis patients in North Korea December 20, 2016
30,000 volunteers can meat for MCC November 3, 2016
MCC in Ontario and Around the World April 13, 2016
‘I am so happy to get additional food’ March 28, 2016
Syria, Iraq crisis response largest since World War II March 11, 2016
Canned meat provides drought relief in Central America February 11, 2015
MCC low on emergency response dollars December 5, 2014
A year after typhoon Haiyan, MCC continues rebuilding in Philippines
A year after Haiyan, MCC continues rebuilding November 25, 2014
Gerald Heimpel, Toby Penner, Andrew Keeler and Stanley Toews will work on the MCC Mobile Meat Canner this year, starting Oct. 8.
Connecting through canned meat October 9, 2013
Camp Trazily, about three miles south of Port-au-Prince, was flooded by the rain caused by Hurricane Sandy. More than 370,000 people have been living in tents since the January 2010 earthquake.
MCC responds to Sandy’s devastation in Haiti November 12, 2012