HOW IT WORKS: Distribution day in Nepal January 29, 2016
Community members and MCC partners prepare blankets, tarps and other materials for distribution in Nepal.
MCC provides blankets and warm clothing in Nepal January 21, 2016
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Help Syrian families today October 13, 2015
MCC partner MECC provides household items for internally displaced people and host communities in Syria.
Lightening the load: providing relief & hope in Syria October 2, 2015
An MCC partner distributed about 60 hygiene kits to refugees passing through Belgrade, Serbia, on their way to other countries.
MCC provides assistance to refugees on the move October 1, 2015
Bishop Selwanos' Story September 29, 2015
Mustafa's Story September 21, 2015
Still in need: Supporting refugees from Syria and Iraq September 11, 2015
Hannah and her eight children are Syrian refugees who came to Jordan in January 2014.
MCC responds to Syrian and Iraqi refugee crisis September 10, 2015