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Germaine Habonimona
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Refugee Social Services
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Pastor Samson Matabaro
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Adèle Kirsten in South Africa.
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Portrait of Lydia Hogewoning with colleagues
On assignment: Serving and Learning Together December 22, 2014
(From left) Phumzile Malaza, Administrator; Monica Chiloane, program supervisor; Albina Maleka, Project Nurse; Elsie Sithebe, Project Leader.
Death of daughter moves mother to found HIV clinic April 8, 2013
Bishop Eugene van Kramberg in his church in a Johannesburg township.
From gang member to fervent apostle of redemption March 5, 2013
Petronella Bahati Nziriere, director of the Children Care Center, takes Moses home for evenings and weekends.
Baby Moses finds community of mothers March 29, 2012