Word and Deed - September 2014 - MCC's work in India October 29, 2014
Dyck Family Handprints
The Dyck Family visits MCC Alberta October 22, 2014
Another Way IS Possible: MCC Remembrance Day Resource October 20, 2014
From potatoes to doughnuts - a path out of poverty October 15, 2014
Alberta Donors Giving Back October 15, 2014
10 fun ways to get excited about My Coins Count October 9, 2014
Following Jesus to Ferguson October 3, 2014
Touring play looks at reintegration of offenders October 1, 2014
Nathan Toews kneels in a small group holding a tablet.
On Assignment: Psychosocial support worker October 1, 2014
A woman hands a loave of bread through a hatch to a man.
Sharing love and food October 1, 2014
Yonathan Ibnu Budiyanto applies acupressure to the back of a woman.
Healing after a flood in Indonesia October 1, 2014
Yunarso Rusandono trims a bonsia tree in his front garden
First Person: Yunarso Rusandono October 1, 2014
Celebrating Young MCC Alberta Supporters
Celebrating Young MCC Alberta Supporters September 30, 2014
Crazy about MCC Ontario September 29, 2014