MCC/Jennifer Vandermolen

Moving from fear and exclusion to safety and healthy communities.

The Lazarus Rising street pastor works in partnership with Sanctuary ministries as part of their core pastoral team. Befriending those on the margins of society, they spend most of their time visiting with people on the streets, going with people to court, and visiting with them in hospitals and jails.

Our street pastor, Aylish Chantler, has developed meaningful friendships with many who suffer the lasting impacts of addictions, abuse and neglect. She shared with me the story of one man she met at the beginning of the summer. He was living in a park nearby Sanctuary, tattered and without shoes. At first he would hide or run away when anyone approached. 

After a few weeks of waving from afar, he finally began to accept socks and water from her. After many more weeks of consistently visiting with him, eventually he felt safe enough to come to share a meal. Now he regularly attends meals and other activities at Sanctuary, has new shoes and a great haircut, and is working on getting housing before the winter hits. 

Aylish shared with me...

"To see someone move from fear and exclusion to feeling safe and being part of healthy community life is an incredible thing to witness. It proves that small acts of love can bring restoration even to the darkest places."