MCC Photo/Silas Crews

Mustafa Hamo, 8, sits with his sisters, Nada (center) and Dima. Mustafa participates in education programs offered by MCC partner Popular Aid for Relief and Development in Beirut, Lebanon

I live in Lebanon now, but my home was in Syria before a war started here. In Syria, I lived in a big, beautiful house. I played outside with my friends.

Two years ago, we had to leave Syria because soldiers were outside our house. They made my father pay them a lot of money. We went to Lebanon to be safe.

Now we live in a small house, and I share my room with my grandfather. My parents buy less food because it costs more than it used to in Syria. [School is hard because] the teachers in the school use English, not Arabic.

Last summer, my sisters and I went to summer camp [supported by MCC] where we could practice English, make crafts, play games and draw. I liked making crafts the best, but I also liked the games we played with water and sponges. My favourite subject in school is math and I want to be a doctor.

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