In the district of Lalitpur, Nepal, the devastation caused by the spring earthquakes is widespread.   This partially destroyed hotel and restaurant in the same village where MCC is currently working, is slowly being rebuilt.  We have already provided emergency food assistance to 500 small children and support to an additional 200 households in the area. MCC is also working with its partner, RICOD, on plans for training people involved in rebuilding new homes. Photo by:Matthew Sawatzky


In the village of Dalchoki, Nepal, Nani Maya Magor and six family members are still living in temporary housing after the spring earthquakes.  Her mother and two children were in the house when it collapsed but made it out safely. They received disaster emergency supplies such as tarps, blankets, food through RICOD - MCC's partner in Lalitpur district. MCC is working on further response in that district and other parts of Nepal. Photo by:Matthew Sawatzky