Haiti: Five years after the earthquake
Five years after the Haiti earthquake January 5, 2015
Haiti earthquake: 5 years later December 30, 2014
Portrait of Lydia Hogewoning with colleagues
On assignment: Serving and Learning Together December 22, 2014
A group portrait of the actors
A push for safer housing December 22, 2014
Bishop Selwanos Boutros Alnemeh stand by a window
Voices from Syria: Bishop Alnemeh in Homs December 22, 2014
Portrait of Rahaf Abdo.
Voices from Syria: Rahaf Abdo in Deir Attieh December 22, 2014
Hala Al Hamida stands in a courtyard
Voices from Syria: Hala Al Hamidia in Damascus December 22, 2014
Portrait of Reverend Ibrahim Nsier
Voices from Syria: Rev. Ibrahim Nsier in Aleppo December 22, 2014
A teenage boy and girl sit on a bed with a quilt hanging on the cupboard next to them
Piece by piece December 22, 2014
Moving from fear and exclusion to safety & community December 16, 2014
MCC low on emergency response dollars December 5, 2014
MCC Ontario sends shipping container to Syria December 4, 2014
MCC appeals for donations to respond to Ukraine crisis
MCC appeals for donations to respond to Ukraine crisis December 3, 2014
Circles of Friends Program Expands December 1, 2014
Expand the Circle November 27, 2014