Photo courtesy of Linda Tiessen

Sharon Dass (left) and Sharon Stasso at Leamington Mennonite Home

The Leamington Mennonite Home is happy to host Sharon Dass, a 24-year-old IVEP participant from India. As a registered speech therapist with an interest in the elderly, Sharon has much to offer to our ministry of eldercare- a community she is serving through her assignment as a social recreational activity aid. She has most recently been supporting two post-stroke seniors. This special programming has been a bonus for our Home, our seniors, and frail elderly.

Our Home has supplied Sharon with rich opportunities to learn about aging, dementia and other senior-related health conditions. She has been paired with the Occupational Therapist Assistant of our Home, Sharon Stasso. This matching process and mentoring has assisted Sharon Dass in observing the activities of daily living affected by dementia and strategies to cope with these challenges.

Terri Epp, Administrative Assistant is Sharon’s social point person, taking her shopping, on special outings, and planning noon hour activates. When not at work, Sharon is at her Canadian home, provided by Alicia Good, pastor of the North Leamington United Mennonite Church. Her husband Billy and daughter Natalia have welcomed her into their family, church and community.

We look forward to getting to know Sharon even better over the upcoming Christmas season as she experiences her first Canadian Christmas.