UNHCR tents at Za'atari Camp
MCC Photo/J. Daryl Byler

UNHCR tents at Za'atari Camp.

There are 65.3 million displaced people in the world today. This is our call to action:

Get informed...

About the complexity of refugee and migration issues. There are a number of excellent websites to help here – for example the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the Canadian Council for Refugees.

Get involved...

  • In the various refugee settlement and support agencies in your community (settlement.org). We partner with many of these services and they are critical in the successful settlement of newcomers. Many of these agencies need more volunteer and community assistance.
  • With humanitarian aid and material resource efforts as we know that these supports can help people remain in their home communities. Check out MCC’s Material Resources webpage.
  • In supporting peacebuilding efforts locally and around the world. Check out MCC's peace programs.

Get loud... 

Through advocacy efforts that promote global peace and address the root causes of conflict or climate change. There are several tool kits to assist with this work – for example: MCC Canada’s Advocacy Tool Kit and Canadian Council for Refugees Take Action guide.

Get Praying...

And very importantly, we encourage you to pray. Pray for the growing numbers of refugees, migrants and displaced people around the world. Many face horrendously difficult decisions about whether to flee their homes and where to go. Pray for peace, the reduction of violence and the stabilization of global climates so that people can remain safely in their home communities.

Make a difference