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SAKALA's name roughly translates to "this can be here" in Haitian Creole. A statement that inspires hope for Cité Soleil future.

Cité Soleil, a community in Port-au-Prince, is stigmatized by others in Haiti and the rest of the world as an area of extreme violence and competing gangs.

MCC partner SAKALA (Sant Kominote Altènatif Ak Lapè (SAKALA), The Community Center for Peaceful Alternatives) has developed a peace education tool that the youth are thrilled about—soccer.

“The way that we started the sports was to channel the energy of the youth in this neighborhood towards something more positive, instead of them getting so angry about what they see in their daily life,” says SAKALA co-founder Daniel Tillas.

For the youth growing up in Cité Soleil the options are often either stay inside to stay safe or leave the community. SAKALA was created as an alternative. A place where youth can go to feel safe and be in community.

In 2018, MCC celebrates 60 years of work with our Haitian partners.

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