Photo/Kelsey Siemens

Kelsey Siemens from Parliament Community Church prepares to serve with MCCs SALT program in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

Serving and Learning Together (SALT) is a year-long, cross-cultural service experience. Through SALT, Christian young adults from Canada and the U.S. serve internationally in a wide variety of positions in fields such as education, agriculture, healthcare, information technology, peace and more!

During their assignments SALTers are immersed in another culture, living with host families or in communal settings such as dormitories or teacher housing in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.

We are pleased to announce that Kelsey Siemens from Parliament Community Church in Regina will be serving in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe for the upcoming SALT term.  Kelsey has a Bachelor of Arts degree as a Religious Studies major with a focus on Islamic Studies, and has spent the past year working for the Government of Saskatchewan.  After much prayer and discernment Kelsey has taken a leap of faith -   leaving her job and serving with SALT in Zimbabwe. 

I knew once I was finished my degree I wanted to intentionally give a year or more back to God. Inspiration to apply for SALT came to me through numerous ways that could only be God telling me this is what I needed to do.

Kelsey encourages any young adult that is feeling lost and without a purpose to get connected to your own community and serve - if God is calling you to do more (by serving overseas or by serving full-time in your own community) then go for it! She believes that you should not let fear of the unknown or a lack of finances be a deterrent.