“Just remember, raising money for peace is difficult.” One of my colleagues had left me with that nugget as I departed several years ago on a learning tour that was focused on MCC’s peacebuilding work. I knew from working with donors that few gifts were designated for peacebuilding. Yet in the first days of this tour, it was clear that the best of MCC’s development work was at risk if violence broke out and destroyed infrastructure and trust.

That learning tour was a powerful experience for me in further establishing the vital role peacebuilding plays in our three-legged stool of relief, development and peace in the name of Christ.

This issue of ACP offers some rich examples.

As our colleague Anna Johari Etabo from the DR Congo relates in the story "Women working for peace": [Local community leaders] decided together they should find a solution, so people in Kalunja would have access to water, and people in Kabela would have access to land.

What was needed was not only MCC’s expertise in development but, in the end, a women-led effort to build peace so food and water access would be maximized for all.

As MCC lives boldly into our 2020–2025 strategic directions, we are committed to partnering in more dedicated peace projects.

We are also committed to more relief and development projects that contribute to a just and lasting peace.

Beautiful schools, if not a place of safety, will sit empty. Fertile fields, in communities where farmers worry violence may prevent their harvest, may never be planted. These things we know.

Having recently celebrated Easter, we also know ours is a resurrection ministry. We follow a living Jesus who shares freely of the things that make for peace. When our work is grounded in the gospel of peace, we can bring our best to all communities where we partner.

For your support and engagement in this vital peacebuilding, we are deeply grateful.


Rick Cober Bauman

MCC Canada executive director


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