Mark Tymm, Ottawa Office Advocacy Research Intern


MCC’s advocacy on the Palestine-Israel conflict generates considerable resistance among MCC’s supporting constituency across Canada.  It also generates support, particularly when it draws attention to the human cost associated with the conflict.

This is just one of the findings of a recent six-month-long research project undertaken by the Ottawa Office of MCC Canada, in collaboration with the provincial MCCs.  The project, guided by the Centre for Community-Based Research in Kitchener, Ontario, was intended to gauge levels of support for MCC’s advocacy to government, in order to make this work more effective.

The research involved interviews with 13 “key informants” across the country, 17 focus groups involving 130 participants, and a literature review.  A steering committee gave shape to the research topics and questions.

A final report concludes that support for MCC’s advocacy to government is stable and growing, even if certain segments of MCC’s supporting constituency have strong concerns or questions about this work.  Not surprisingly, the research project identified important tensions and even contradictions, reflecting “the healthy complexity of advocacy work both in content and in approach.”

Key informants and focus group participants provided many suggestions for better engaging MCC supporters in advocacy work.  Ottawa Office staff and others will be processing the report and suggestions in the coming weeks and months.  The seven page executive summary offers an overview of the project and its findings, or the full report can be obtained by contacting