Reserve 107 Participants Accept Award
MCC photo/Jana Al-Sagheer

Accepting the award on behalf of Reserve 107 (from left to right) Gary Laplante, Sylvia Weenie, Jason Johnson, Wilmer and Barb Froese, Dean Dodge (CEO at YMCA), Ray Funk and George Kingfisher

Each year, YMCAs across Canada celebrate acts of peace by recognizing individuals and groups who, without any special resources, status, wealth or position, have demonstrated a commitment to building peace within their community or communities elsewhere in the world.

This year participants from the film Reserve 107 have been recognized for their peacemaking efforts. In the small town of Laird, Saskatchewan, an old injustice is providing new opportunities for dialogue, friendship and a fierce determination to right the wrongs of the past. In 2006, 130 years after the signing of Treaty 6, Mennonites, Lutherans & the Young Chippewayan First Nation gathered on the sacred hill of Stoney Knoll/Opwashemoe Chakatinaw on what was previously Reserve 107.  They gathered with good will and shared goals, to sign a memorandum of understanding. With this document, the three groups committed to honouring a violated and long-neglected treaty relationship. Congratulations to the late Chief Ben Weenie, his wife Sylvia Weenie, Ray Funk, George Kingfisher, Jason Johnson, Wilmer & Barb Froese and Gary LaPlante on winning this much deserved award!