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Circles of Support and Accountability contributing to safer communities for 20 years.

When crime occurs in our communities there is a ripple effect that touches many people including victims, their families, community, etc.

Circles of Support and Accountability/MCCO works to build safety for the whole community by first developing and strengthening interpersonal relationships with people who have or are at risk of offending sexually. These relationships, created by a carefully chosen circle of staff, volunteers and a core member, are designed to be supportive and authentic while simultaneously holding people accountable for their patterns of behavior and choices in life. Community and support are fostered to reduce isolation which is a significant risk factor for further offences.

Studies have shown that the circle model is extremely effective in lowering repeat offenses:

  • 83% reduction in recidivism for sexual offences
  • 73% reduction in recidivism for all types of violent offenses
  • 71% overall reduction of in all types of recidivism in comparison to matched groups of offenders who did not have a CoSA.

MCC Ontario is celebrating their 20-year involvement with Circles of Support and Accountability at an event on November 12th at their offices at 50 Kent Avenue. Supporters are invited to join the evening of celebration, reflection and visioning. Please RSVP to Laura VanderGriendt at or 519-745-8458 ext. 214 .

- Statistics from: Circles of Support & Accountability: A Canadian national replication of outcome findings” by R.J. Wilson, F. Cortoni, & A.J. McWhinnie (2009). Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research & Treatment, 21, 412-430.