Through MCC's SALT (Serving and Learning Together) program, Christian young adults from Canada and the U.S. serve internationally in a wide variety of positions in fields like education, agriculture, health care, information technology and peace.

In July, when the 2016-2017 SALTers returned home from their year-long experience, we asked for volunteers to reflect on one thing that they learned:

“In SALT I learned all you need is love.”
Rachel Hills, Chilliwack, B.C.
Served in Tanzania

“In SALT I learned that my value is not based on my accomplishments.”
Andrea Sherk, Plattsville, Ontario
 Served in India

“In SALT I learned you can do anything with a good team.”
Katelynn Folkerts, Fenwick, Ont.
Served in Nigeria

“In SALT I learned that joy is a powerful form of resistance.”
 Jameel Brenneman, St. Marys, Ohio
Served in Palestine

“In SALT I learned that money only defines one kind of richness.” 
Jennifer Kaufman, Moundridge, Kansas
Served in Bolivia

“In SALT I learned ‘Ubuntu' — I am because we are.” 
Teah Goossen, from St. Anne, Manitoba
Served in Zimbabwe

 “In SALT I learned to put myself in other people’s shoes
even though it’s not always easy.”
 Emily Huang, Coquitlam. B.C.
Served in Jordan

“In SALT I learned that it’s okay to not always be okay.”
 Esmeralda Ochoa, Fresno,California
Served in South Korea

“In SALT I learned ‘FAMILY“ is not limited by shared DNA.” 
Laura Miller, from Arlington, Kansas
 Served in Nicaragua 

“In SALT I learned to find kindred spirits across age and culture.” 
Leah Amstutz, Goshen, Indiana
Served in Bolivia

“In SALT I learned in the midst of routine there is
always something new to see.” 
Katherine Smith, Seattle, Washington
 Served in Guatemala

“In SALT I learned no matter your age, your experiences, or stature — your voice can make a difference! Speak up.”
 Judy Wiebe, Picture Butte, Alberta
Served in Nigeria

“In SALT I learned that partnership outweighs aid.” 
Samuel West, St. Louis, Missouri
Served in Zambia

“In SALT I learned life can happen without a schedule.”
 Charlotte White, Seattle, Washington
Served in South Korea

“In SALT I learned to appreciate and celebrate significant cultural differences and diversity!”
 Kaylee Hall, from Abbotsford, B.C.
Served in Cambodia

“In SALT I learned to accept hospitality.”
 Carol McNaughton, Calgary, Alberta
Served in Cambodia

“In SALT I learned patience even through the unknown.”
 Abigail Jantzi, Lowville, New York
Served in Serbia

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