SOAR participants take part in activities over Zoom.

For the past eight years, MCC Saskatchewan has partnered with SOAR Saskatchewan to give young people the opportunity to experience God’s love for Saskatchewan and learn to live as allies in our multicultural reality. In past years we have hosted local learning tours for teams to gain insight into the root causes of vulnerability that may contribute to the symptoms of poverty, marginalization, and insecure housing and food. 

This year we adapted our You Got Booked activity to be a self-guided virtual exercise and hosted a live STR8 UP presentation over Zoom. You Got Booked is normally played as a life-sized board game, facilitated by MCC staff. The activity highlights the racial disparities within the criminal justice system and outlines how people find themselves in a criminal or poverty cycle. STR8 UP is a gang exit strategy that uses story sharing as a model for accountability, capacity building and healing for its members. STR8 UP members tell their personal stories of crime, violence and gang affiliation which offers a first-person perspective to a lived experience that is explored through You Got Booked.

The 2021 SOAR program was mostly virtual and happened over five days. It included youth and family teams from MB churches in Hepburn, Forest Grove, Lanigan, Pleasant Hill and Bridgeway. We were also blessed to have a team of students from Horizon College and teams from Panama and Colombia.