MCC photo/Jana Al-Sagheer

George Kingfisher, hereditary chief of the Young Chippewayan Band at the Spruce River Folk Festival

Amidst smoke filled skies, the 9th annual Spruce River Folk Festival attracted individuals from across the province - providing festival goers the opportunity to enjoy music performed by Saskatchewan talent and support an important cause. 

Each year the festival is held at Spruce Home just outside of Prince Albert. The Spruce River Folk Festival is a cultural event organized annually to raise awareness for Landless Bands within Saskatchewan and the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. It is about building understanding and community between peoples whose histories and futures are bound together.  The event is also a fundraiser and all proceeds go towards Mennonite Central Committee's Young Chippewayan fund.  

The Young Chippewayan Band was displaced from land reserved for them and is now in need of resources to assist them in getting back to a place they call home. Funds raised have been used to hire historical researchers to gather the genealogical material needed to move this process forward. To learn more, watch the documentary Reserve 107.

This year's festival included performances by Donny Parenteau, Jeffery Straker, The Strong Sisters, Wilbur Sargunaraj, The Saskatunes, Black Rain and The Wolfe.