Photo courtesy of Zakho Small Villages Project

This Iraqi woman, whose name is withheld used for security reasons, received bee hives last spring which helped her to survive a siege by the Islamic State group.

Last summer, when the Islamic State group invaded the Sinjar Mountain region of Iraq and surrounded this widow's village, she had to help her nine children and her neighbors survive. Thanks to a three-year MCC project to improve access to food in this area, her resources for survival included both food and money.  

A few months before, MCC's partner Zakho Small Villages Project had supplied bee hives and provided training on beekeeping to 25 women in this area who are the heads of their families, including this woman (her name is not used for security reasons). Before the siege in August, she sold 20 kilos of honey for $25 each to members of her community. Her family ate and shared the remaining honey with their neighbors to supplement their diets during the two-month siege.

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