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Almaz Gebresilassie (left) and Hermon Ashebr (right) arrived in Manitoba on March 17 in the nick of time before the Government of Canada announced international travel restrictions. Gebresilassie and Ashebr are refugees sponsored by the Boissevain Resettlement Committee. Birkti Berhane (middle) is Gebresilassie's sister and was sponsored three years ago by the same group.

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MCC staffer, Kyle Rudge, learns about how some lifestyles have changed since the coronavirus began.


As we head into another month of the pandemic Kyle Rudge checks in on how two MCC program partners cope with the lifestyle change that the coronavirus has brought upon all of us.

IVEPer, Maria Elena Moshan Alvarez, Male for short (pronounced Ma-lay) shares how her volunteer placement has changed at the Indigenous Family Centre since the pandemic hit Manitoba. 

Casey Guenther, co-chair of the Boissevain Resettlement Committee, shares the story of a new immigrant family who made it to their new home just before the lock-down restrictions were enforced.

To read more on the Eritrean's family's arrival check out A missed midnight feast.


Learn more about the IVEP program here. Learn more about refugee sponsorship here.


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