Provided by Margaret Froese

Shafiqul Islam bin Abdul Hussin carrying 3-year-old Mohammad Nihal bin Shafiqul Islam and his expecting wife, Arafa binti Mugul Ahammad arrived in Winnipeg, Canada in July 2020. The family is wearing masks, gloves and face shields that were provided by IOM for safe travel during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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MCC staffer, Kyle Rudge hears the story of a sponsored refugee family who arrived in Canada last summer during the pandemic.

For many years, the settlement team at Jubilee Mennonite Church along with group leader, Margaret Froese have helped many refugees immigrate in Canada through sponsorships. Including through private sponsorships that allow family members to reunite in Canada.

The sponsorship process is often filled with months of waiting in anticipation. For Shafiqul Islam bin Abdul Hussin and his family, a pandemic wasn't about to make their journey any easier, especially with a baby on the way. Listen in to hear their story or read about their experience at

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