Gerald Warkentin standing with his bike surrounded by grass in front of The Pas's welcome sign. The sign reads: The Pas Adventure Territory
Supplied by Gerald Warkentin

Last summer, GO! 100 challenger, Gerald Warkentin biked 865 kms from Winnipeg to The Pas. 

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Learn more about GO! 100 and meet a few of the summer participants.


For this episode of Threads, meet a few of this summer's GO! 100 participants, learn about their summer challengers and what motivates them to fundraise for peace. Guests include Gerald Warkentin, Rick Paddock Thiessen and MCC Manitoba's communications and events assistant, Emily-Ann Doerksen.

Join GO! 100 today! Challenge yourself, or a team, to complete 100 of anything before August 31 and help raise funds for peacebuilding projects around the world. Run, bake or swim. The possibilities are endless! Get started at


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Kyle Rudge  0:00  
[MUSIC] It begins with a single thread, woven through another thread and then another, and another until we have a single piece of fabric. That fabric is stretched, cut and stitched together with another just like it. [MUSIC] This process is repeated over and over and over until we have a beautiful tapestry that all began with a single thread. Welcome to MCC Threads, where we look closely at how our stories in Manitoba weave together with the stories of MCC and its partners around the world.


So how goes the summer planning? Do you have your campsites booked and ready to go? Those beach days planned and day camp weeks all lined up? Are you methodically navigating COVID restrictions so you can safely meet loved ones that you haven't seen and what feels like forever? You're not alone.


Gerald Warkentin  1:10 

My original plan was just to have some holidays in BC just to relax and enjoy ourselves in BC. But, with so many restrictions and not knowing how things were gonna go, we cancelled that in Spring, and it just, do another fundraising project.


Kyle Rudge  1:27 

That's Gerald Warkentin. We'll get to him a little bit more a little later. But like many of us, his summer plans were up-ended. We're halfway through 2021. And it's felt like at least to me as fast and as chaotic as 2020, and I'm just hanging on for dear life. So, I have an opportunity for you or anyone really to make a difference and advocate for peace amidst what feels like such chaos.


Emily-Ann Doerksen  1:53 

My name is Emily-Ann Doerksen. I'm the communications and events assistant for MCC Manitoba. I'm based in Winnipeg, but I work from home and the office during these during during these days.


Kyle Rudge  2:04 

Last year, was MCC Centennial - 100 years of peacebuilding work in the name of Christ around the world. And with so many fundraising efforts restricted or cancelled, Mennonite Central Committee had to get really creative and GO! 100 was born.


Emily-Ann Doerksen  2:19 

A lot of our events were cancelled. So Cycle Clear Lake, for example, also, our fundraising events like the Brandon Relief Sale were cancelled. So in order to keep that community alive and to help MCC we decided to host this event. People were encouraged to participate to do 100 of anything so that could be running, baking, swimming, whatever and to fundraise for MCC. And we chose 100 because of MCC's 100th birthday, our centennial year.


Kyle Rudge  2:50 

With people joining in to make everything from 100 dog toys to doing a gruelling ropes course 100 times. It was a very successful first year.


Emily-Ann Doerksen  2:59 

It went really well. We raised $55,000. We had over 35 participants who participated with their family and friends. It was a huge success. We weren't our expectations were low, and we were very surprised by how well it turned out. We were so happy.


Kyle Rudge  3:15 

Which leads us to 2021, and what some others are doing to fundraise for peace and even how you can join in as well.


Rick Paddock Thiessen  3:23 

Hi, my name's Rick Paddock Thiessen. I'm from Brandon, Manitoba. And I'm one of the planning members of the Cycle Clear Lake Committee and participating in the GO! 100 Cycle Clear Lake event this year as a way to raise funds for MCC and to get out and ride my bicycle.


Kyle Rudge  3:44

Cycle Clear Lake has been around for about 20 years, and last year due to pandemic restrictions, the event couldn't run. This year is the same. So Rick and many other Cycle Clear Lake participants are combining that event with GO! 100.


Emily-Ann Doerksen  3:59 

Cycle Clear Lake has a goal of raising $15,000 this summer. So we're excited for all the participants that we can get.


Rick Paddock Thiessen  4:05 

Like I mentioned my my intention was to try and do the cycling century, is the term but didn't happen last year. So we're going to try the 100-kilometre cycling event, so yeah, there's a mention this friend Greg and I, there's a route out to my my family has a cabin out in Pelican Lake. So it's about an 80-kilometre ride. So with a little bit of a add on here and there, we should be able to turn that into 100, and it'll be for a nice day. It's a really beautiful ride through Valley. South of Brandon and then going from, past Wawanesa, and then close to Pelican Lake itself. So that's, that's my intention, so.


Kyle Rudge  4:45 

By the way, a cycling century is 100-miles or approximately 160-kilometres. Rick is going to make it a metric century or 100-kilometres this time around.


Rick Paddock Thiessen  4:55 

Yeah, well, I I've actually never done a so-called real-world event that long in terms of actual cycling outside, I do have set up my bike inside, and I've done, you know, longer rides like that. But you know, frankly, it's a little easier when you're contending with wind and sun and all that stuff. So, and also my friend Greg, he hasn't done that kind of distance either. So we are getting older.


Kyle Rudge  5:19 

Rick isn't alone in his cycling efforts. It's community for him. His friend Greg joins him in these adventures.


Rick Paddock Thiessen  5:26 

Well, it's a bit of a sporting relationship, to be honest, in the summer, certainly cycling, but we're also quite keen on downhill skiing. So, we've been moving out to the to the mountains, and in the last number of years, my son as well as other people that have come along on this trip. So yeah, ski in the winter cycle in the summer, and I don't know, pretend, pretend we're not getting older, although we go a little slower than we used to think.


Kyle Rudge  5:54 

I told Rick that since he was the one being interviewed and not Greg, this was his chance to tell us to tell the world who really was the better cyclist


Rick Paddock Thiessen  6:03 

I am a little bit younger than him. So in theory, I really should be a better cyclist and should be, you know, younger and fitter and...


Kyle Rudge  6:10 

 ...smarter, more handsome, etc.


Rick Paddock Thiessen  6:13 

Oh, boy. Oh, boy. These are tricky and dangerous questions. I will not. I put my hand over my mouth here.


Kyle Rudge  6:22 

Rick and I guess Greg, too, are just a couple of participants and GO! 100, but I'm left wondering, why fundraise for MCC?


Rick Paddock Thiessen  6:30 

I work in healthcare. I'm a nurse. And actually before we kind of entered society, that's not the right way to put it. But you know, basically bought a house and settled down we, you know, we were seriously looking at a some kind of some kind of term nothing, unfortunately, happened and just never never really worked out for us. But my wife and I, prior to having children, we actually did a brief eight month stint with World Vision. And then I went into nursing following that and so it always seemed like nursing would be a way to be involved in some MCC work but who knows both of my kids are are leaving home this fall and I don't know what the future hold.


Kyle Rudge  7:14 

Rick and Greg are not the only cyclists doing something that gives them joy to fundraise for peace with MCC this summer.


Gerald Warkentin  7:20 

Hi, my name is Gerald Warkentin. I'm from Winnipeg, and I've decided to participate in the GO! 100 fundraising project for MCC this year.


Kyle Rudge  7:29 

Gerald's summer hopes and plans got up-ended. Instead of that trip to BC that he was going to take he's staying in Manitoba and fundraising with Mennonite Central Committee.


Gerald Warkentin  7:38 

Well, I have decided to bicycle to Thompson from Winnipeg. It's an estimated distance of 780-kilometres.


Kyle Rudge  7:48 

 Last year Gerald's ride to The Pas, 865-kilometres, was quite successful.


Gerald Warkentin  7:53 

Yeah, last year, I cycled from Winnipeg to Le Pas. It was a total distance of about 865-kilometres. I went to Brandon first and then North from there. And my goal was to raise $1 per kilometre around $800, and I, I, more than doubled that. So I figured I could raise the goal this year.


Kyle Rudge  8:13 

So while this year's ride to Thompson, Manitoba, is technically shorter, it's definitely one that has its own challenges.


Gerald Warkentin  8:19 

The challenge this year will be the to carry enough water for a whole day there's going to be about 180-kilometres before or between services. So that will be a huge challenge. I'm still not sure how I'm going to carry enough water. I'm hoping it's not going to hefty. And I'm hoping for wind to help me. But that will be a challenge along with any bugs that will join me on the way.


Kyle Rudge  8:45 

Gerald has a fundraising goal of $1,560 or $2 for each kilometre biked. So why MCC, for Gerald?


Gerald Warkentin  8:53 

Well, my wife and I have been sponsoring children through what used to be called Global Family. I'm not sure if it's still called that we've donated for years to that cause. We have a couple of children in that. And also through the IVEP program, the International Volunteer Exchange Program. They've, we've hosted a couple of girls, one from Lesotho and one from Mexico in the last couple of Winters when the program was running, so that was really meaningful to be connected in that way and to see what work they they do.


Kyle Rudge  9:28 

Can we just pause for a second? Are you asking the same question that I am? Who are these people who in their right mind, decide to just bike 800-kilometres to fundraise for something.


Gerald Warkentin  9:40 

I, I did my first tour when I was still in high school I I rode my bike from Winnipeg to Winnipegosis which is about 400 kilometers. And I was I'm not sure maybe Grade 10 Grade 11 I just wanted to see if I enjoyed doing an overnight trip and that's that was an overwhelming success. I loved it, and it just grew from there. So I love to tour, and I'd love to be on my own.


Rick Paddock Thiessen  10:04 

I think it just wakes up my senses. I become so aware of nature around me. Food tastes so much better. Water never tastes so good when you're cycling. It's just being in nature going so slow with no noise, no motor that is pushing me it's it's a feeling that I cannot describe that it's it's special to me. Yes, you have to be in shape to enjoy it. But it's it's my go-to place for relaxing.


Kyle Rudge  10:37 

Now that is something I can relate to. It's not cycling for me by any stretch of the imagination. But there are some things in my life where that same passion rings true.


Rick Paddock Thiessen  10:46 

Well, you know, that's the wonderful thing about the GO! 100 fundraising project, is that you can pick what you want to do for an activity. And certainly, this is this is something I love to do. That's my thing, but other people can can just do whatever they want and there was so many different things I saw last year with making 100 things of something or do what you love and and do that and it's enjoyable way to to also raise money for for MCC. So it's certainly not you don't have to do the "oh, wow factor" this I do this because I I enjoy this, but others would enjoy other things. Certainly, a good way to raise money for MCC.


Kyle Rudge  11:26 

It's true. There are no limits. It's a blank page. What gives you joy? And can we give you the motivation to do that more over the summer and fundraise for peace along the way? When I spoke to Emily-Ann about the episode, I asked her what she was going to do for GO! 100.


Emily-Ann Doerksen  11:43 

I am participating. I am really into creating little videos similar to TikToks. So this summer, I am filming one second of my day each day. And then I'm going to compile them into a video, and I'm calling it 100 Seconds of Summer.


Kyle Rudge  12:00 

I guess for me it might be playing 100 games or something. I'm not sure off to think about it. But what would it be for you?


Emily-Ann Doerksen  12:07 

I would say it's a lot of fun. There's a lot of things you can do. 100 is a big number, but you can always break it down into perhaps 100 minutes of walking every day or 100 photos throughout the summer. It doesn't have to be a huge a huge challenge. But anything anything is great.


To sign up for GO! 100, go to, and you can sign up as an individual, as a team, or you can join an existing team and help us fundraise for peace this summer.


Kyle Rudge  12:42 

So whether it's cycling or making 100 Seconds of Summer with little TikTok videos, what gives you joy? And would you consider doing that more this summer and fundraising for peace?


MCC Threads is produced by KR Words with story assistance from Allison Zacharias and Emily-Ann Doerksen. Thanks to both Rick and Gerald for sharing with us your passions and what you've chosen to do this summer with GO! 100. To see links to Rick, Gerald and Emily-Ann's GO! 100 pages and all the past episodes of MCC Threads head to I'm Kyle Rudge, and this is MCC Threads.


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