We know you probably don't have time to read every story that's come your way over the last year. That's why we put together this round up of the 9 best stories of 2016. Stories of how your support has made a difference at home and around the world. Now sit back and relax with these stories of your gifts at work.

1. Life of Pi author offers home to Syrian family

Yann Martel is known to many as the author of Life of Pi – an international best seller. But at MCC Saskatchewan, Martel is also known as the man who welcomed a Syrian family of six into the home he owns in Saskatoon. Read his reflection: How it feels to give a house away. 

2. Goats, hope and drought

Former CBC journalist Julie Bell travelled deep into the Ethiopian desert to see how pastoralists are adapting to the worst drought in 50 years, and see the difference MCC support makes. This is the story of what she found.  

3. An opportunity to make things right 

When 16-year-old Jessica could have faced legal consequences for eating a pot-laced brownie, an MCC-supported restorative justice program gave her a second chance. Read about the partnership between West Coast MCC, Reedley Police Department and the local school district. 

4. "Yesterday we lost everything" 

When Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti, MCC staff were on the ground right away providing emergency relief while also planning our long-term response. Read about what our reps heard from Haitians in those first few days. 

5. Hutterite help: A refugee sponsorship story

When Paul Waldner and several others from Green Acres Colony signed up for refugee sponsorship in January, a Syrian family of four arrived a month later. Watch what happened when a Hutterite colony decided to sponsor a refugee family.

6. Animals of MCC 

Animals are good for more than just cute pictures on the internet. Around the world, cows, chickens, rabbits and goats are making a difference in people's lives. So we rounded up some cute animal photos...with stories of how they're helping families. 

7. How digging half moons helps farmers in Burkina Faso

In fields in Burkina Faso, digging half moon shapes into the soil can make the difference between affording school fees or not. See how half moon and Zai farming help Etienne Tiendrébeogo grow enough food to feed his family and earn money to pay for school.

8. 25 years of MCC in Syria

On June 26, 1991, Roy Hange stepped onto a plane, leaving for a four-year term in Syria. With your support, the program has grown from one English teacher near Damascus to our largest humanitarian response in history. Explore the highlights of the last quarter century of MCC work in Syria with our interactive timeline. 

9. How comforters get made

For people who have been displaced, an MCC comforter provides a warmer place to sleep. It can also be a symbol that someone is thinking of them. For anyone who didn't grow up sewing and knotting comforters, check out this photo guide showing how it's done. 

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