MCC Photo/Angela Bennett

View from the Learning Tour in 2017 to Kenya

Zambia & Malawi

Tour Dates: approx. Nov 1-17, 2019

Cost: $4,000 - $5,000 (includes flights, hotels and meals)

Learn about the impact of MCC’s partnerships in Zambia and Malawi that address education and food security. Visit schools and prisons to hear about the impact of peace clubs and restorative justice. See the recent response to the Cyclone in Malawi. Included are visits to the majestic Victoria Falls and a game drive to explore the natural wonder of Zambia.

Tour Host: Robin Grimstead, Development Director for MCC Alberta, will be leading the tour. 

Haiti – Soil to Table

Tour Dates: approx. Feb 2020

Join us for a learning tour exploring MCC’s deep roots in development work in Haiti. Meet Haitian farmers, artisans, community organizers and human rights advocates, and discover how hope begins with cultivating opportunity and fertile ground. Climb steep mountain paths to visit a tree nursery, visit an urban garden blooming in a slum, listen to the sound of an artisan’s hammer shaping sculpture from recycled metal, and hear from passionate advocates for Haiti’s most vulnerable and marginalized people.

As you join in MCC Haiti’s mission to walk alongside Haitian partners, sowing seeds of hope and growth, you will also grow in your understanding of MCC’s global impact.

Cost: $2,000 - $3,000 (includes flights, hotels and meals)

Tour Host: Thomas Coldwell, Executive Director for MCC Alberta, will be leading the tour. 

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Due to limited space only limited applicants will be able to travel. Preference may be given to those who have not traveled with MCC Alberta before.