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Guests tie knots in the specially designed quilt.

What does a Mennonite scholar with a passion for textiles do on her wedding day? She ties the knot, of course!

Laura Morlock and her husband Michael Fisher of Stratford, Ontario, made quilt-knotting an intentional part of their wedding celebration in May.  Quilts have significant meaning to Morlock, who worked for a time with MCC Ontario as Refugee Engagement Strategist. A self-described “textile nerd”, Morlock is nearing completion of her doctorate where she studied the role of textiles in human rights and religion.

Given her support of MCC’s work and her passion for quilting, featuring a quilt at her wedding was a perfect symbolic and practical act.

“Refugees and human rights are near and dear to our hearts [and] besides my work we have friends who are refugees and it means a lot to think something rooted in our love and the celebration of that love will go to bring tangible comfort to people just like them.”

When Morlock asked her friend and former MCC colleague Wendy Cotter if it were possible to have a quilt-top available to knot for the day, “[Wendy] met my enthusiasm full on and took it to the next level. I was so impressed with how the volunteers jumped right on board, specially designed one, and even used our wedding colours.”

The bride's daughter, Lily Morlock, ties a knot on the wedding comforter.

The completed quilt has been donated back to MCC and will be given to a newly arrived refugee family as part of a welcome basket that MCC distributes to each newcomer family – an appropriate final destination for a gift prepared with love.