Where is the young child when her father gives her money and tells her to make sure she spends it all? At a Relief Sale, of course! Where all proceeds support relief, development and peace through MCC! Sometimes a father knows best!

Yes, it is the season of Relief Sales where food, crafts, quilts, and talents of all sorts are brought with generosity and donated to these "festivals" of compassion.

Rick Cober Bauman, Executive Director of MCC Ontario shared his relief sale experiences, “When I was a young adult, I looked with some criticism on an event that asked me to eat and eat a lot, in order to respond to world hunger! Of course, there is an irony here. However, we know Relief Sales are memorable events which, across Ontario draw 20,000 people annually. For many a Relief Sale is their first introduction to this thing call "MCC". And it is an opportunity for us to invite these compassionate Ontarians to invest more than the cost of a dozen spring rolls in the development of food security in East Africa or in responding to suicide in Ontario First Nations. And about that irony? Let's remember our good friend Jesus...he made no apology for partying with his disciples!”

What is YOUR favourite part of a MCC relief sale? Is it food or quilts? Or both? 

Check out this video and see what other relief sale fans think!