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Imagine for a moment you were forced to leave your home. The place where you'd grown up was no longer safe. This is the story for many, many people today.

We are in the midst of a global refugee crisis. June 20 is designated by the United Nations as World Refugee Day — a day to commemorate the strength, courage and resilience of refugees around the world.

Join in marking World Refugee Day by planning a worship service to listen, learn, pray, give and be inspired to offer hospitality and hope to refugees. 

Here are some resources we've put together for you to use: 

Refugee crisis: How you can respond

We are in the midst of a global refugee crisis. It can be hard to know how to respond, but there are things you can do.
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World Refugee Day worship liturgy, 2018 



Liturgia para el culto del Día Mundial de los Refugiados




Hospitality and Hope: Resources for Worship, Learning and Action


Poster for World Refugee Day


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