We at MCCO have been tremendously blessed to be in a place where we get to witness the miracle of private sponsorship! The Private Sponsorship program is unique to Canada and other countries around the world are quite curious about how and why this program works. The phenomenal increase in the interest in helping refugees in Canada is creating a unique situation where there is more demand than capacity.

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This reality makes me wonder if we as Canadians are ready to seriously help address some of the world wide causes that result in thousands of new refugees each year. Creating a place of welcome, healing and hope for the refugees that get to Canada is important life changing work and MCC is committed to continue to work at making sure that program provides protection for the world’s most vulnerable who have no other durable solution. But what about the many who are not provided that opportunity? The United Nations High Commission for Refugees now reports 60 Million Displaced people around the world. What are we doing to stem the tide? How can we work at promoting and facilitating peace in troubled part of the world? What are we doing to address the growing numbers of refugees produced as a result of climate change?

World Refugee Day is another opportunity to “think globally, act locally”. Please do what you can to welcome and support refugee newcomers in your community. You and your community will be rewarded and you will help make a tremendous difference in someone’s life who is seeking a fresh start. As well, in light of World Refugee Day – I encourage you to also think a bit more about the global refugee picture. What can you be doing to promote peace and reduce the effects of climate change? How can we work at demonstrating we are standing in solidarity with refugees here and around the world?

Wendy Adema is the Program Director at MCC Ontario. She leads the refugee Resettlement team, which is now working with over 220 across the province and has welcomed over 500 newcomers to community in Canada.

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