Amani and Raheli Shigali
“Kit and Caboodle”: Families pack kits for MCC August 1, 2017
MCC’s response to the TRC Calls To Action 48 and 49 July 31, 2017
Honduras tutoring
Church educates in the midst of Honduran gang violence July 28, 2017
Grow Hope Hutterite
Hutterites help grow hope July 25, 2017
Krystin, Judith, and Shirley at the Forks
An IVEP year in Winnipeg July 21, 2017
Stansberry Chilren's Home
Home away from home July 14, 2017
Syrian family
A new place to call home July 11, 2017
MCC and the Church July 9, 2017
Ayda Villalobos and her host Justin Shenk
Hosting as bridging between guest and local culture July 7, 2017
IVEP coordinators from across the US and Canada gather for a network meeting at Shekhinah's retreat centre in Saskatchewan.
Capturing the moment while on assignment July 7, 2017
Adèle Kirsten in South Africa.
"I returned carrying with me a wealth of knowledge" July 7, 2017
Judith Hege at her workplace, Winnipeg Harvest.
"I stood there and shook her hand again and again" July 7, 2017
Ermias Beyene, left, attends a meeting with Charles Olfert, right, and another staff person at AODBT.
Canadian architecture firm hosts IVEPers July 7, 2017
From pencils to USBs: school essentials for generations July 7, 2017
Marlly Aceituno
Spanish-speaking YAMENers face unique challenges in Latin America July 6, 2017