No secure future April 5, 2017
Roxanne Klassen puts a few coins in Eliana Rempel’s bucket as Zachary Penner looks over her shoulder.
Steinbach children help grow hope March 30, 2017
Maud Lewis painting turns up in MCC Thrift Shop.
Work of Canadian painter turns up in MCC Thrift Shop March 30, 2017
Coming Full Circle March 30, 2017
Mourning the death of Michael J. Sharp March 30, 2017
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photo of destroyed bridge in DPRK (North Korea)
Earthquake, war, fire and flood: MCC and disaster response March 28, 2017
Andriy Chaus
First person: Andriy Chaus March 28, 2017
Valentina Matvyeeva receiving MCC canned meat
In the midst of crisis in Ukraine March 28, 2017
photo of Sensamaust family
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Mekonnen Desalegn
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Zamzam Ahmad stands by her sink
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