A person sitting on a log in the woods
Seasons, weather and feelings January 17, 2023
A group of people in the snow to go on tubing
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Four students from Zimbabwe sit in front of a large tree with green canopy
Advocacy 2022: a year in review January 11, 2023
two women holding comforters looking at the camera in front of a door in a room.
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woman holding comforter
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Two women lean over a quilt
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A photo of the Conklin family walking down a road with a group of people
MCC representatives in Cambodia December 28, 2022
A woman sitting on a floor beading a necklace.
New hope and a chance to heal December 28, 2022
A woman crouching next to a child with a walker
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First person: Caroline Pugeni December 28, 2022
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An office building in Winnipeg
MCC Canada relocates head office to downtown Winnipeg December 20, 2022
A young woman sits with a group of people
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Festive wall hangings on wall. Two wall hangings in the center with one having the word "noel" and the other with the word "Joy."
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A screenshot of the members of Girl Named Tom
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