Naomi's Colouring Recital

When Naomi Martin was 3, she declared, "Mommy, I'm going to have a colouring recital."  When her mother, Sarah Martin, asked her what a colouring recital was, Naomi's response was simple.  "A colouring recital is where everyone can come and see how good I can colour."  Her mother dismissed the idea as cute, but over the next several months, Naomi and her 5 year-old sister, Abigail had it all figured out.

New Hamburg Mennonite Relief Sale Fundraising Dinner

Enjoy a delicious dinner in support of Mennonite Central Committee and hear from Rachelle Friessen, former Peace Coordinator for MCC in Palestine and Israel. Rachelle will be speaking about justice and peace and her experiences in Palestine and Israel.

Reserve your seat today by calling 519-745-8458 or dropping by MCC Ontario's office at 203-50 Kent Avenue, Kitchener.

Tickets $10 each.

All proceeds directed to the New Hamburg Mennonite Relief Sale in support of MCC.

The top 9 stories of 2016

We know you probably don't have time to read every story that's come your way over the last year. That's why we put together this round up of the 9 best stories of 2016. Stories of how your support has made a difference at home and around the world. Now sit back and relax with these stories of your gifts at work.